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is stepping aside, who will take his place. >> wendy: plus north korea rattles the world, but the regime's nuclear test isn't shaking christians. we'll show you how they're sending messages of hope to that isolated nation. >> george: and how those who are spreading the gospel are taking on a new look and a new folk. ♪ >> wendy: who will lead the world's one billion roman catholics. hello, everyone, i'm wendy griffith. >> george: and i'm george thomas. pope benedict xvi announced this week his resignation, saying it is for the good of the church. the 85-year-old pontiff says he does not have the strength to continue. it shocked catholics worldwide. it has been 600 years since a pope has chosen to step aside. now the faithful are asking, what happens next. charlene israel reports. >> reporter: the vatican will hold a co conclave before easter to elect a new vote. they will vote to decide who will lead the world's one billion roman catholics. >> the cardinals are going to have to weigh experience and the need for a certain energy. >> reporter: dale herd spoke with religious leaders in eur
personal expenses. here is wendy reiger at news 4 live desk. wendy? >> reporter: $750,000. charges including wire fraud conspiracy, mail fraud. he and his wife accused of spending $750,000 in campaign funding. and a plea deal means he will likely get less than the maximum five year prison sentence. the charging documents say the items include, $43,000 rolex watch, $23,000 in michael jackson memorabilia, $11,000 in items related to martial arts star, bruce lee. and $5,000 football signed by american presidents. sandy jackson resigned from her post. she was a chicago alderman. resigned last month. today her attorney revealed she will plead guilty to filing false tax returns. that carries maximum penalty of throw years in prison. you may recall this past summer, jesse jackson jr. disappeared from congress for weeks. and his doctor revealed he was being treat ford bipolar disorder. jackson stepped down in know. today he release aid statement apologizing for his actions and mistakes he has made and once he was seen as a rising political star. he has been unable to capitalize on the shar
much of a man you are. well, psychologist wendy walsh's new book is available for preorder on amazon, "the 30 day love detox." wendy, listen. i see these commercials over and over and over. about before we get to this whole low t thing, how much of this is created by the pharmaceutical industry? >> 100% of it. i mean, i think that this belief system is that we have to create some kind of new ailment that people need to get fixed. and i don't think that men are suffering that much. from low t. >> okay. so before we -- men who get married. married men. it says that your testosterone is supposed to lower once you get married. is that true? can that happen? >> no. in fact, that's what's exciting about this new research out of simon frazier university in canada. is that lots of research shows that married men tended to have slightly lower testosterone levels than single men. now remember, lower testosterone levels doesn't necessarily mean lower sex drive. it doesn't necessarily mean less chest hair or whatever. it's just, you know, an anomaly about how people are made up. but the thinking
in a bowl of chili at wendy's is facing more jail time. investigators say anna ayala concocted a story to cover the fact that her son shot himself in the foot. when the pieces didn't fit, ayala was arrested. she could be behind bars for four years. back in 2005, she claimed to find a dismembered finger in a bowl of chili but it turned out that her husband had bought the severed finger from a wendy's employee and it was all an unsuccessful attempt to try to get money from the fast food chain. i remember that happening. >> yeah, i do, too. she is in more trouble now. >> very bizarre. 5:04 right now. >> never is the forecast more important than on a friday because the weekend is approaching. >> got the weekend coming up, guys, and i think it's looking great. we'll see a lot of sunshine outside as high pressure is building in overhead. still a bit chilly if you are stepping outside this morning but that is not a big surprise. out there now motorsly clear skies. they are lighting up the new lights there on the bay bridge and looking pretty this morning
prosecutor wendy murphy and criminal defense attorney anne bremner. ann, let me is you first, the defense in this case laid out a lot of what they wanted to talk about here. did their case sound so solid that he could be allowed to go out on bail? >> the defense -- the whole question of bail is whether or not he would flee or be danger if he's at large. it was a strong case or a weak case, that would mitigate against getting the bail. the judge found some probabilities in it and the lead detective in the case we know is charged with seven counts of attempted murder. that never happens. and that may have undermined a lot of the case and led to this release of oscar pistorius. >> let's talk about the landscape here that was laid out by the defense in this case. oscar pistorius says this really was all about terrible essentially an accident that started in the early hours of valentine's day in his bedroom. he was asleep there with his girlfriend next to him. he says he got up and went out to the balcony to get a fan and to close the window and unbenancy pelosi to him, she got up and went to
. >> more information about the 2005 wendy's chili case. story didn't holdup. an investigation revealed her husband bought it from a co-worker who floift a work place accident this, shake down attempt cost wendy's big bucks, too. the chain estimated it lost about $21 million over. >> the murder of a tech investor is growing tonight. the 22-year-old is charged in this case appearing in court on murd skbrer robbery charges today. the details of the involvement have not been made public. the death of ravi come. mar stunned the community where he lived. three men and women have been charged with murder. all expected in court in mid march. >> an off duty police officertjd is being call aid hero tonight. abc 7 news is live in san jose tonight. he spoke with the officer and fiancee what. a story. >> it is a story. he says he wasn't planning on springing into action the way he did on this mob. he is a 17 year veteran in the force. his bee fee yauns yeah calls him nothing short after hazing. he says its in his blood to protect fellow citizens. >> screaming help me, help me. someone whipped out a tas
in the headlines and back in hot water. tonight, the woman at the center of the wendy's chili finger case is in trouble with the law again. she hid her face from us when she went in the could you remember room. she spent four years in prison after lying about a receisevere finger in a chili bowl from wendy's. >> she has a history of manipulating the system. >> her son seen here was in court. police say he admitted he was lying about how he was shot. >>> he was hit with a 39-foot long section of steel track weighing 2,000 pounds and survived. a san jose man injured in a railroad construction accident is suing caltrans. he doesn't know if he will ever recover. he knows what happened to him cannot happen to anyone else. we have george in san jose. it has been four months since the accident, george. >> reporter: jose salazar used the word amazing several times. all he has been through and a coma, you can say is amazing. he was in a coma for about a month. jose had a fractured skull, broken back, broken ribs and punctured lung. on his birthday, the railroad worker woke up. amazing? call it a m
for lying about fining a finger inside a couple of chili from when -- wendy's is in the news. what did anna ayala do? >> a different hoax this time. rather than a finger, it involved an ankle. she has a new booking photo, take a look at anna ayala arrested yesterday for charges of accessory to a felony and filing a false police report. the first time she was in trouble was back in 2005 and we have video. at that time she said she found a human finger in a couple of chili she ordered at wendy's and she planted the finger in hopes of suing wendy's and the finger belonged to an acquaintance who lost it in an accident. it cost when difficult's millions in lost sales. now the country issues. police say her son accidentally shot himself in the ankle in front of their san jose home. he is on parole and not allowed to have a gun. investigators say ayala cooked up a story and told police her son was shot and she gave detailed descriptions. men who shot him. investigators did digging and figured out it was a lay and ayala had gotten rid of the gun which is tampering so they arrested her. she is back
to get another perspective, and we still have a few minutes after that one. professor wendy wright has spent her entire life studying mystical experience and mysticism within the christian context, and i wanted to bring her on in this class, because she has a different perspective on it. we've heard from two gentlemen from the far corners of the world, and i don't think she'd mind me saying this. she was at the university of california, santa barbara - she was a teaching assistant when i was an undergrad, and gave me a b+, which i'll get even with her for. but anyway, she is a practicing mystic - she is a scholar who studies it, but she's very much in the mystical tradition. so just a few words, a short roll-in from professor wendy wright. >> i think people are most familiar with figures like teresa of ahumada, some of the great - john of the cross, these great carmelite mystics of the tradition whose writings, especially as they attempt to describe the interior experience of this intimacy and these various dimensions - in other words, they talk about an interior path, an interior cast
's mark sayre tells us: the san jose woman behind the infamous wendy's chili plot.. >>> first it was a finger and now a foot. telling us that the woman behind the infamous wendy's chili plot just cooked up some more trouble for herself. the 47-year-old appeared here in the superior court and quickly shielded her face from the cameras. the 26-year-old reyes also appeared in court using clutches. they are known around the nation after making up a story in 2005 about finding a severed finger and a bowl of chili at wendys. >> it's not good. i worry. >> reporter: in the latest case, reyes is charged of being a felon in possession with a firearm. she lied to police and made up a story about her son being shot by two men for no apparent reason. giving a vivid description of the suspects and even a possible name and police almost arrested that man before determining the whole story was a fake. >> we interviewed this person, we conducted various forensic testing as far as gunshot residue go, so we treated it like the real deal. >> reporter: for n
for a infamous san jose woman who once tried to extort money from a wendy's restaurant, by placing a severe human figure in a bowl of chili. anna ayala is now facing new charges. she is accused of lying to police. police say, that she lied about her son being shot in the foot outside of their home. they say, that she concocted an elaborate story about two assailants, in order to protect her son, who is a convicted felon. if convicted, she could return to prison for up to four years. she previously served four years in prison for the wendy's incident. >> a break-in at a walnut creek mercedes-benz dealership is leaving customer's bumble till identity theft. walnut creek police say, that at least one piece broken to the dealership earlier this month. they broke into a locked file cabinet, or customers' personal information such as credit card, and driver's license numbers, were all taken. it is reported that more than 2000 customers could be affected. the dealership is not offering to pay for one year of credit monitress services to those customers whose records were stolen. >> bart police foiled an
? they see that there is no hero. everybody has flaws. >> so joining our panel now is psychologist wendy walsh, tim wise and dean obeidallah. it's like "the brady bunch". >> and you're the dad. >> it's interesting. whenever i look on television, whatever it is, the news, i go, that's not america. nothing, i haven't seen anything that looks like that. where everything is all white. what's going on? dean, should this actor feel guilty about playing a terrorist should a black actor feel guilty plague a >> i'm arab-american. we hear about that all the time. should arab-americans play the terrorists? if we don't play it, an indian or latino guy is going to play it. we have to make our own projects, tell our own story accurately and honestly. >> the voice of reason in the red shirt, tim wise. what's going on in hollywood? >> what's going on in hollywood is what goes on all around the country. hollywood reflects back and advertising commercial ads reflect back the culture. we live in a society where we have 40 years of research which finds that, sadly, white consumers, whether it's moviegoers o
. >>> infamous for plotting the old finger in the wendy's chili hoax. coming up, why this bay area woman is under arrest once again. >> we told you last night about a problem seeping into google. tonight how toxic trouble is spreading to a crowded bay area neighborhood. >> got some clouds rolling into the bay area right now. we have gone from mainly sunny to mainly cloudy over the past two hours. is this indicative of a weather change to think about toward the weekend? we'll look all the way into march in my extended forecast coming up. >>> the san jose woman who lied about finding a finger in a bowl of wendy's chili is in hot water again. mark sayre says this time she is accused of cooking up a story to protect her son. mark. >> reporter: allen, this is a serious case. anna ayala facing a felony charge in this latest case and that infamous chili finger situation is already playing a role in how this case is being handled. 47 yearly anna ayala shielded her face from the cameras her son 26-year-old guadalupe junior reyes appeared in court on crutches.
great coverage. welcome aboard. >> thanks, wendy. i'm thrilled to be here. >>> state with news4 for continuing coverage as the showdown approaches. we have more details on how this will impact our region. just search for sequestration. >>> we're waiting to learn new developments within the hour about this massive gas explosion in kansas city. even with one body recovered, police have a lot more work to do. >>> plus a wo many in virginia who was expecting a child is murdered. her home set on fire. now for the first time her family is speaking out about the man they think turned into a killer. news4 is working for you tonight digging up the dirt on the detox diets. diets. doreen gentzler lays ♪ for tapping into a wealth of experience. diets. doreen gentzler lays for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country. for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions. for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more. >>> in thators made
. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it happened earlier this month at a home on wendy drive near beth drive. here are sketches of the suspects. police say, on the morning of february 7th, the suspects pistol whipped one of the residents, and held others at gun-point. the suspects got away with money, a laptop and a hand- gun from the home. gun from the home. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday! a section of a popular trail in san francisco's presidio is closed. because the land is sliding in the area, and this comes. just months after millions of dollars of upgrades were done. kron f
. >> wendy, can you respond to marty's last argument? he's in effect saying if you come into the criminal justice system with a drug possession charge as a felony, you probably won't end up with a felony conviction if you're willing to seek treatment and very unlikely you would go to prison. you agree with that? >> i think it depends on which county you're in. i think san francisco is the only county in the state that currently has a prop 36 court that is still actively working because the state has defunded all the prop 36 courts in efforts across the state. so i think this provides senator leno's bill really does the right thing and tries to move in a direction that's not contingent to how much money is available within one jurisdiction or not and actually frees up $64 million of general fund at the state level that could be reinvested into services. i know when you look at realignment, for example, here in san francisco, a 1/3 of our plan, a third of our dollars for realignment has been invested in substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment and housing but we've made that choic
. the largest branches fell feet from the kitchen where wendy was standing. >> my roof fell in next to me and i froze. i thought is the rest of the house going to come down on me. >> reporter: now windy and her husband and the couple's daughter made it out, but the home has been red stagged. firefighters were still worried the roof would collapse so they covered it with tarps to keep the rain out as well. he was so being whod that he had taken steps to avoid something like this. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police in hayward want to know if there is anything suspicious about the death of a woman who was found near the food store on industrial parkway. it is not clear if she died of natural causes or if there was anything suspicious. >>> they are heading off the white house to kickoff spending cuts march 1st. they will appear with the white house for those who could lose jobs if spending cuts go into effect and they will have a debt reduction plan with higher plans and they are expecting a plan with spending cuts. >>> they are more than 100 companies seeking chinese military an
put a human finger in a chili she bought at wendy's and blamed wendy's in san jose where she bought and she and her husband planted the finger in the food. she spent four years in prison phone that and was released in 2009. now, her current problems, this started after her 26-year-old son accidentally shot himself in the foot outside the family home. he has a prior conviction for burglary and is not allowed to have guns rather than telling police he shot himself, they came up with atory giving very detailed descriptions including the names of the men who shot her son for no reason. then police say, they claimed that the son was chase after a dog when he was shot. so police knew something was wrong, confronted the two, and they admitted to making up this story to avoid getting in trouble for having the gun. she said she got rid of the gun which is evidence tampering and is now being held on
on the kron4 morning news, the woman was issued on a finger in her food at wendy's is behind bars again. we will have more on why she is in trouble now. through sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ hot messw! hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ your'e a hot kind of love you set me on fire you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ your'e a-a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >> 616 and that are getting wild again. another s
lied about finding a finger in a bowl of wendy's chili has stirred up forepot of trouble. kpix 5's mark sayre says this time has to do with a different body part. mark. >> reporter: anna ayala is facing another felony count in this case. this one involves her son's foot and that infamous chili finger case is already playing a role in how this case is being handled. 47-year-old anna ayala appeared in santa clara superior court and quickly shielded her face from the cameras. her son, 26-year-old guadalupe junior reyes also appeared in court using crutches. ayala is known around the nation after making up a story in 2005 about finding a severed finger in a bowl of chili at wendy's. her older sister mary is sad to see this all playing out again. >> it's not good. she's my little sister. you know, and i worry. i worry. >> reporter: in this latest case, guadalupe reyes is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and shooting himself in the foot then to cover up what happened, ayala allegedly lying to police and made up a story about her
, it's gotta be that. you know what you got with wendy's premium cod sandwich. hand-cut 100% north pacific cod. quality beyond question. that's wendy's way. now that's better. because these days, every penny is a little more important. that's why we let you file your simple federal return for free. it's free to prepare, print, e-file and you can even chat with a tax expert. get the federal free edition at hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick meal, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. >>> it's always been such a saving grace for the show when there's interesting, screwed-up things going on in our world and we can reflect on it. ♪ anywhere you go ♪ i'll follow you down ♪ i'll follow you down but not that far ♪ >> the stuff in the '90s was intersecting with politics. it was intersecting with crime, and it was intersecting with sports. so it felt like we could really do a rich show that covered american life. >
, national correspondent for "the national journal." good to see you as well. wendy walsh, expert at good to see all of you. >> hello. >> this is an incredible case. i mean, it really is riveting. everyone is at the edge of their seats no matter where you are or what corner of the world. i nknow it's very early. but what's plausible about this story, gang, of fear, self-defense, mistaken identity? chris, you first. >> you know, fredricka, what strikes me about the story is the hero worship that we have with our athletes and this eide he was such a good story, the script of the man who could run with no legs. none of the story about the gun obsession, with the violent outbreaks, the speedboat crashes, the violent behavior came out before this terrible incident and we've knocked, you know, this hero off his pedestal and it's about as american of a media story as you get, you know, big-time star, whether it's barry bonds are or lance armstrong. we see it over and over again. and it's about time, i think, we as the media start to lack at these guys and try to give yo
school. he was six years old and in the first grade. wendy wipprecht's son miles, who is autistic, was in adam's class at sandy hook. and was invited to his "new friend's" birthday party. wendy now has parkinson's. >> adam had his sixth birthday party and invited a group of kids to go. that's where i remember talking with nancy. nancy was concerned about adam. he was shy, a little withdrawn, quiet. she was worried that perhaps he had some kind of neurobiological condition. >> wendy, were there any support groups? >>oh, sure. >> did you ever participate in any? >> sure. did you ever hear whether nancy did? >> none of the ones that i was in, but she was talking about sending adam to st. rose because classes were smaller and she thought he might do better there. >> did she say why she thought he needed... >> i think it was his shyness and uncomfortableness, i guess, in large social situations. a class of 20 people is a lot for a six-year-old to handle. >> so did he not have a one-on- one aide like miles did? >> no. he may not have been diagnosed with anything at the time. what can pa
, williamson county, texas. >> i want to bring in psychologist wendy walsh, author of "the 30 day love detox," the name of her book. wendy, there's this trend we have been -- that has been, you know, concerning career choices force women, for example, danica patrick outrunning the guys at daytona. then this shooting range story. women are taking on interests some would consider sort of, well, maybe more masculine. i was going to say male, but more masculine. what's going on here? >> don, i've got to check a calendar. are we having this conversation in 2013? >> words coming out of my mouth, i was thinking that. >> the truth is, we're all becoming more human. and within the range of both genders, there are a whole bunch of different gender identities and gender roles. and certain activities that you might consider or some people might consider to be traditional to one particular gender can now be had by all. >> right, right. and so i was saying, i grew up here in the south. women were, you know -- go to the shooting range and shoot guns all of the time, driving fast cars, trucks. my own mom lo
have two requiring your action. the vacancies resulted in the terms ending of wendy tran and joseph flanagan and with that i can take any questions. >> thank you. i see no questions. my understanding this item -- we maybe requested to continue this item while more district three or six people show interest. is that correct? >> that's my understanding as well but i believe do mr. flanagan maybe interested in speaking towards this item. >> okay. colleagues let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? >> i [inaudible] i have been gobbled up into district eight and i lived in district six for over 25 you'res but because of redirecting i am residing in district eight. commissioner wiener's district, and i want to know how that's going to affect the cac? and if that is taking into consideration with the redistricting that their qualifications meet the new district guidelines, and i don't know how that is followed, either by you mr. chair or from the ta staff that informs people when there's a new districting that either people are
brinkley. wendy ginsberg, >> today, on c-span, newsmakers with the representative. >> this week on news makers, we are joined by hal rogers, chairman of the appropriations committee. thank you for doing this. to reporters to help us with this conversation, and the tailor the associated press, congressional reporter, and roxanne from bloomberg news, congressional reporter. >> mr. chairman, as everybody in washington is very concerned about this phenomenon called a sequester, these automatic bid into automatic indiscriminate cuts across the board, 8% to the pentagon, you have been looking at the kind of impact this will have. what you expect? how much damage you think it would do four different operations? >> needless to say, being an appropriate, but think it is an idiotic way to do business. these are indiscriminate cuts. they are not thought through. they're just automatic across- the-board, without any consideration of good, bad or evil or whatever. so i think the cuts are devastating. i am sad to see take place. but i don't see any effort being made realistically to stop it. >> do yo
at vino. chai davis ... (applause) tara g i f ra,, wendy gold hearts of letters ... natalie guy command are hearts natalie is not able to join us today. brick hoard heart of the giants. >> and which has been defined by the members of the 2012 championship scenes. >> -that is okay we can have another applause. robert night english heart 2.. >> mary an doors yes, i amia one love. paul 11y diamond jubely and fireworks. adjutant it liby city by the bay ... trine my looking into the future and remembering the past. chile low democrat inner, abstract heart. the space in between ... and bet see wolf by the bay ... thank you again to all of the art exist don't forgets these tabletop hearts are available to silent auctions be sure to place your bids early and please join me in giving 11 more round of applause to our artists. (applause) .. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mark flight man regional vice president of at&t. thank you and good afternoon it's a pleasure pleasure to be here today representing at&t connecting people in positive ways is one of the most important fu
on chip. >> i second the nomination for chip. >> thank you ms. wendy chan. is there anymore nominations? >> [inaudible] >> seeing that there is no -- >> and point of order too i didn't hear a second for the first nomination. was there a second for that one as well? >> okay. we will go back. harriet could you do it over again so we can get a second? >> i would like to nominate adele wilson. >> we need to hear that. she can't get her mic on. >> i think it's on. i can't see and i can't talk. i second the nomination. >> and we do have a second. seeing that there is no more nom nominations on the board we do have the nomination is closed. do any of the councilmembers who have been nominated wish to speak? mr. chip. >> just briefly. i would like to say it's an honor to serve as chair of the council. in my time on the council i have really taken to heart the mission and the goals of the mdc and the mod, and in addition i would like to see the mdc take a more activist role in the community and become more visible and i would take efforts to make that happen. >> thank you. and adele wi
's where wendy burman was standing. three other family members were inside. fortunately, nobody was hut hurt -- was hurt. peter burman talked about what it sounded like. >> like the beginning of an earthquake and it kept building and getting closer and closer and then all of a sudden, it was like a sonic boom and huge explosion. >> the tree also fell on the family's suv and destroyed a golf cart. the homeowner said the tree felt because the roots were diseased. crews are expected to bring in a crane. the home self itself take months to repair. orange county investigators are trying to figure out why a man went on a shooting rampage. officers say he killed three people and wounded several others before killing himself. the shootings began at 4:45 this morning in the community of ladera ranch near san juan capistrano. sheriff deputies responding to a 911 call found a woman shot multiple times in inside a house. three more people were shot and killed within the next half- hour during carjacks in tustin and santa anna. deputies say the suspect shot himself at an intersection. >> the suspect
targeted a home back on february 7th on wendy drive just off interstate 680. they allegedly held up occupants at gunpoint. police also looking for a third suspect. a security camera nearby caught their getaway car. the first one is a white newer model chevy trail blazer suv with rear-tinted windows. it also has lowered black wheels with silver hubcaps. the other car is late '80s model solara, possibly blue in color. anyone with information is asked to please call pleasant hills police. >>> the hayward city council has voted on a moratorium on sweepstakes cafe. they'll use it to revise current zoning regulations. right now there are two cafes operating in hayward. alameda county has already begun shutting down similar businesses at unincorporated areas. internet sweepstakes cafes offer patrons las vegas-style gambling themed games. >>> the city of san jose flipping a major switch working to reconnect some 900 street lights. crews starting to work this weekend along streets like camden avenue, blossom hill road and tully road. those lights were shut off four years ago because of budge
. ---segun la policia, los sujetos ingresaron en una casa de la calle "wendy drive" cerca a la interestatal 80 y obligaron a los residentes a entregar sus pertenencias a punta de pistola. ---una camara de seguridad capto las imagenes de los carros en los que se supone huyeron los sospechosos. ---el primero es un "chevy trail-blazer" blanco modelo reciente y el otro es un toyota "solara" con ventanas polarizadas. blanca ---la patrulla de caminos de california continuara apoyando a la policia de oakland en su labor de seguridad publica. take vo ---ayer martes, el concejo municipal de la ciudad aprobo un presupuesto de 162 mil dolares para pagar por 10 oficiales de la patrulla y 2 supervisores por un periodo de 60 dias. ---algunos miembros del concejo aseguraron que la ayuda de la patrulla de caminos es vital debido al bajo numero de oficiales de policia en oakland. ---los patrulleros hacen su presencia 2 dias a la semana principalmente sabado y domingo. cesar ---estacionarse cerca del parque de beisbol at and t durante los juegos de los gigantes saldra mucho mas caro a partir de esta temporad
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